No 9: Mad Hatter in Wales

Mad Hatter in Wales

By Dafydd Glyn Jones 

My friend Dafydd Glyn Jones, whom I mentioned in Blog 7, is a person who has been actively raising issues about the future of the University of Wales even before the incredible and invalid decision taken by the University Council on 21 October 2011.   

In December he was invited by the editor, Dr. Tim Horder, to write an article for The Oxford Magazine which is an independent magazine edited by members of the University and published by the Delegates of Oxford University Press.   It is published 12 times per year during the University terms and is distributed with the Gazette.    Dafydd’s article has now been published and I’m delighted that he’s given permission for it to be available on this Blog.    It can be seen by clicking on the link “About” above and then on “Mad Hatter in Wales”.    It’s well worth reading, it will amuse you and also make you think.

Dafydd has a blog, “Blog Gyn Adda”.   This is a Welsh language blog and is well worth following.   He has prepared numerous articles on the University of Wales but he also writes on a wide variety of subjects and with a wonderful sense of humour.    For those of you who can read Welsh the following site is well worth a visit:

Dafydd has published a Welsh language booklet on the problems of the University of Wales, Trwy Ofer Esgelustod: Brad a Dinistr Prifysgol Cymru”.    This  booklet has sold out but an updated version can be found on the above website.    This is well worth reading.

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