No 13: UoW: Trinity Saint David – More on the London Campus

More about the London Campus 

In Blog No 12 I explained how the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David (TSD) had set up a London Campus specifically to cater for the overseas students who had previously been following TSD validated programmes at the private College of Technology London (CTL) following the acrimonious termination of the relationship between the Welsh University and its collaborative partner. 

There was, of course, a second objective in establishing the London Campus which was “also for the further development of UWTSD”.    The first intake in April 2012 was confined to former students from CTL but in October/November 2012 there was a new general intake and a further new intake was expected in February 2013.   This will be the future pattern of regular new intakes envisaged in the Business Plan.

The London campus offers MBA courses offered by the University’s School of Business.  The London Campus “is managed by its Principal who is supported by staff on both the London and Wales’ campuses.”  The relationship between the London Campus Principal and the Head of School of Business is not clear.  The London Campus MBA Prospectus 2012/13 included 6 MBA programmes of which 5 are also offered at the Lampeter Campus.   It’s clear that staff from the Lampeter Campus can support the delivery of these programmes and it was clearly quite an achievement to establish 5 MBA courses in London by October 2012 although these are presumably the same courses as those offered at Lampeter.

MBA Banking and Finance

The sixth programme offered at the London Campus was an MBA in Banking and Finance which is not a programme which is currently offered at the Lampeter Campus.   The staff for this programme must have been recruited specifically to develop this new programme in order to have everything prepared for its effective delivery by October 2012.    This must have been an enormous investment.   The location of the London Campus is, of course, highly convenient for the participation of specialist part time staff working in the banking and finance sector.

Student recruitment for the London Campus is being handled by an agency, LEB or to give them their full name, London Executive Business School Ltd; a company (Reg. No. 07493932) registered in January 2011 with a prestigious address in Holborn.   The website gives the impression that the School has been established to deliver business programmes but it appears that the company’s only current activity is to service the requirements of the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David.   LEB deals with all the overseas recruitment for the London Campus.   The website contains the statement:

 “We offer undergraduate and post graduate pre-sessional programmes, pre-sessional English courses for academic purpose, semester and summer study abroad programmes, short courses and executive education.

On completion of the LEB pre-sessional MBA program students become eligible to progress on to the Trinity St David: University of Wales MBA”   

There are no details of these pre-sessional programmes nor of the undergraduate courses and I do hope that they get the name of the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David correct in their correspondence with students! 

The current London Campus lists 10 MBA programmes which are presumably being offered to the new intake in October/November 2013.   The University is clearly investing heavily in the development of the London Campus!   One must ask whether the development of a London Campus specifically for overseas students is a priority for a Welsh University.    Is this why universities were established in Wales?   The students at the Lampeter Campus who were protesting against the sacking of their lecturers in the middle of their Academic Year should be questioning their University’s investment priorities.

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One Response to No 13: UoW: Trinity Saint David – More on the London Campus

  1. OG says:

    In the light of your questions about the merger, you may also wish to question the validity of the decision to merge with UWTStD and Swansea Metropolitan University.

    As a former employee, I can let you know that it was common knowledge amongst UW staff back in 2011 that the choice for merger was between UW/Swansea University and UW/UWIC/UWTStD/SMU. Other options, including UW/UWIC and UW/UWTStD/SMU were considered but were rejected by Council.

    Only two options were placed before Council, namely UW/Swansea University and UW/UWIC/UWTStD/SMU. The Council voted for the latter but only after dispute over who should stay to vote on the matter (for example, I believe the UW staff representative was thrown out as he had a “conflict of interest” as a member of staff).

    At this time, the leadership of the new body was to be shared between Professor Medwin Hughes and professor Marc Clement

    Following the decision, UWIC then pulled out of the discussions several months later due to disagreements about ‘governance’

    The point here is that Council never voted on whether to merge with UWTStD/SMU only on the four way merger which included UWIC.

    As UWIC had walked away, the new merger should have returned to council for a formal ratification and/or the Swansea University option should have been considered again. As far as I am aware, it was not and merely continued with the two remaining partners even though this option had been initially rejected by Council. This may suggest that the merger itself is, at best, unconstitutional and, at worst, illegal. You also have to ask about the process by which Medwin Hughes was suddenly elevated to the position of Vice Chancellor – was this formally ratified and discussed by the Council?

    Unfortunately, I do not have any documentation having left the University but you may wish to ask directly for all the Council minutes on this matter through the usual channels.

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