No 15: All contributions welcomed – to get to the truth

All contributions welcomed – to get at the truth

In the last Blog I responded to the comments posted by OG and the comments were very welcome as they’ve added to the purpose of this blog which is to try to disclose the truth about what’s going on at the University and its potential partner, the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David.   Sorry I was wrong to use the word “potential partner”.   TSD is, of course, the university which intends to swallow the University of Wales.   I’ve explained how I’ve been waiting for 5 and 4 months respectively for the minutes of the meetings of their governing bodies from these two universities.    And I thought that one of the guiding principles of a university was “truth”.    How wrong one can be!

The only minutes of a University Council meeting on the UoW website has now been removed.   The UoW website did actually have minutes of meetings of the Academic Board during 2011 until recently but they have now disappeared.    The website was inaccessible for a couple of days earlier this week.    Was this when they were busy removing the records so as to make it more difficult for people interested in the truth?    Were they removing the records on the instructions of the Chief Executive and the University Council?  

On the website go to “About us”, “Freedom of Information”, “How we make decisions” and then “Minutes from Council, Academic Boards and other Committees”.    You will now find a page showing “University Council” and “Academic Board”.    Click on either of these and you’ll get the answer “The resource cannot be found”.

Fortunately, I kept notes of some of those Academic Board minutes and they confirm the comments by OG.    Here is an extract from the minutes of an Academic Board meeting held at the UoW Newport on 18 February 2011: 

Strategic Plan

1856 – that at its meeting on 11 February 2011, Council had agreed nem con to support a proposed merger between the University of Wales and University of Wales Trinity Saint David under the Royal Charter of the University of Wales, which would be followed by the incorporation of Swansea Metropolitan University and University of Wales Institute, Cardiff into the merged institution.

1857    The Board heard that the University of Wales Newport and Glyndŵr University had also been invited to join the merged institution.

1858    The Board noted that it was intended that the new University of Wales would be operational by August 2012”

The lesson here is that if you see any UoW records, make sure you take a copy before the University managers take action to destroy them.   

The Academic Board would have reported to the University Council and one can imagine that the records of University Council meetings were similar and as described by OG.     

OG has now sent in a second comment which is most helpful.   I shall be studying the Information Commissioner’s Office website very carefully and will report progress.   I sent reminder emails to both universities at the beginning of the week and will wait for a few days for a response before taking up OG’s advice.

A couple of weeks ago there was a contribution from Dave who was following an e-learning MBA with RDI.   I don’t know anything about RDI but I’ve since visited their website.   They provide e-learning programmes to enable students to study for an MBA, or another degree, from a University named on the website.    The UoW is not named but this is probably because they no longer accept any new students.  If a student had enrolled on such a programme leading to a UoW degree then my understanding of the letter dated 5 September 2012 sent by the Chief Executive to Education Minister Leighton Andrews is that they would be allowed to complete their course.      I would be grateful if Dave could provide further information. 

Any contributions from other people will be very welcome as the whole purpose of this blog is to expose the truth in order that we all get a better picture of what’s going on.  

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