College of Technology London

College of Technology London
Statement – Termination of Contract with TSD05/12/2011, 17:30

Dear Staff and Students,
On the 16th November 2011CTL terminated its contract with University of Wales
Trinity Saint David TSD, ending a partnership that operated from August 2005.
Since terminating the contract CTL has tried to reach agreement with TSD in
relation to a strategy option for an orderly wind-down of the partnership. It may still
be possible to do so but CTL takes the view that it cannot any longer delay in
providing a statement to staff and students outlining CTL’s grounds for termination.
For over 18 months CTL has expressed its concerns over poor quality assurance
and administrative standards at TSD. TSD has been unable to provide adequate
explanations for its poor standards or give CTL any confidence in adequate future

It is the view of CTL that TSD is unable to manage fundamental academic and
administrative tasks that would reasonably be expected of a UK university.
For over four years CTL staff have diligently checked every single letter, academic
transcript and award that has been sent to CTL students by TSD. CTL has found
that in 2010 forty-five percent of documentation sent by TSD has been incorrect, in
2011 25% of TSD academic correspondence to students is incorrect. The
improvement still does not prevent CTL staff from having to check one-hundred
percent of documentation from TSD to locate errors.
Despite an electronic transfer facility of correct digital data being sent from CTL to
TSD, TSD correspondence with students has continued to be sent out with
unacceptable levels of errors.

Since 2007 CTL has also found that results data from TSD to its CTL-based
students is consistently wrong. Many students that should have passed have failed,
and students that have failed modules, passed. Had CTL staff not checked
hundreds of thousands of results for every single assessment for every module for
every student, then many students would be awarded the wrong degree
classification, the wrong degree pathway, the wrong degree, or been failed and
terminated. TSD has also given erroneous awards to students that do not even

Our senior academicians have also questioned TSD’s academic decisions, quality
assurance policies and processes and have found that TSD does not follow some of
its own crucial processes resulting in dubious quality decision making potentially
affecting hundreds of students. Some quality assurance policies are wrong, unclear,
or contradict other important policies. A rule that currently applies to certain students
is a ‘resit trap’ permitting a student to resit and pass a module but fail to progress,
resulting in failure by default and termination.
Eventually CTL was forced to conclude that the University was unable to deliver an
acceptable level of performance and that in order to safeguard its own standards
and commitment to students, there was no alternative but to bring the partnership
with the University to an end.

CTL would like to sincerely thank its staff for all their support and hard work
throughout this partnership. CTL will now seek a new academic partners, and trusts
that TSD honours its obligations to its existing students at CTL.
CTL Management


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